Computer Quiz Questions – Computer Quiz 1

Computer Quiz Questions – Quiz 1

Computer Quiz Questions – Quiz 1 – Computer quizzes are a great way to learn about the basics of computer use. They are also a fun way to keep your mind active.

Test your Computer Knowledge with this Quiz

1. What does WWW stand for?


2. How many bits are in one nibble?


3. What is the most commonly used language in web design?


4. In terms of computers, what is the full form of GUI?


5. What is the full form of the URL?


6. In which of the following ways is data stored in a computer?


7. What is the name of first super computer of India?


8. Which of the following first-generation computers had?


9. Which of the following are Central Processing Unit (CPU) components?


10. What does ALU stand for in its entire form?



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