GK Questions And Answers Part 1

GK Questions And Answers Part 1



Test Your Knowledge with this GK Quiz

GK Questions And Answers Part 1


Questions in the Quiz


[Q] What animal has a larger eye than its brain?

Ostrich | Elephant

Correct answer: Ostrich


[Q] The longest period of pregnancy is found in which animal?

Tiger | Elephant

Correct answer: Elephant


[Q] How many hearts does an octopus have?

Two | Three

Correct answer: Three


[Q] What is the number of heart chambers in a cockroach?

Six | Twelve

Correct answer: Twelve


[Q] Which animal does not drink water?

Camel | Kangaroo rat

Correct answer: Kangaroo rat


[Q] How many legs does a spider have?

Eight | Six

Correct answer: Eight


[Q] Which animal is the tallest in the world?

Elephant | Giraffe

Correct answer: Giraffe


[Q] Name the fastest land animal in the world.

Ostrich | Cheetah

Correct answer: Cheetah


[Q] What animal is native to Australia?

Kangaroo | Panda

Correct answer: Kangaroo


[Q] Komodo dragon belongs to which animal family?

Lizard | Reptile

Correct answer: Lizard


[Q] Which river is also India’s National River?

Ganga | Brahmputra


Correct answer: Ganga


[Q] The Hirakud Dam in India is located across which river?

Ganga | Mahanadi

Correct answer: Mahanadi


[Q] Which river is the world’s longest river?

Nile | Amazon

Correct answer: Nile


[Q] There is a river named …… that is the longest in Australia.

Paroo  | Murray

Correct answer: Murray


[Q] Taj Mahal lies on which river in India?

Yamuna | Saraswati

Correct answer: Yamuna


[Q] Where in India is the ‘Tea Garden of India’?

Uttarakhand |Assam

Correct answer: Assam


[Q] Gir National Park in Gujarat is known mostly for which animal?

Birds | Asiatic Lions

Correct answer: Asiatic Lions


[Q] Which state in India is home to Sundarban National Park?

West Bengal | Assam

Correct answer: West Bengal



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