Latest GK Quiz for Competitive Exams-Quiz 1

Latest GK Quiz for Competitive Exams

We now have the latest GK quiz for competitive exams available on our site. The purpose of this quiz is to prepare students for the GK section of the IAS-CPC examinations.

1. Russia and which other country were banned from Wimbledon 2022?


2. Anshu Malik won which medal at the Asian Wrestling Championship?


3. The Kerala government has signed an agreement for the Cosmos Malabarikas project with which country?


4. The education song is ‘Irada Kar Liya Hai Humne’ released where?


5. A new Switch to Android app has been launched by which tech company?


6. What will be the location of the world’s largest electric three-wheeler factory?


7. When is ‘World Earth Day’ celebrated?


8. Where is India’s first pure green hydrogen plant located?


9. Who is behind this scheme called ‘Poison Pill’?


10. The National Civil Services Day is celebrated on what date?


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    GK quiz was very interesting

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