Latest GK Quiz for Competitive Exams-Quiz 3

Latest GK Quiz for Competitive Exams-Quiz 3


Latest GK Quiz for Competitive Exams Quiz 3 – We now have the latest GK quiz for competitive exams available on our site. The purpose of this quiz is to prepare students for the GK section of the IAS-CPC examinations.


1. The first state to pass 10 GW of solar capacity is which one?


2. When is ‘International Dance Day’ celebrated?


3. Where was the anti-ship version of the BrahMos missile successfully tested?


4. When is World Lupus Day celebrated?


5. The first bio gas EV charging station in India has been inaugurated where?


6. Which airline has become the first to use the Gagan system?


7. ‘Mukhyamantri Free Sewer Connection Scheme’ has been launched by which state government?


8. The second case of monkeypox has been confirmed in which country?


9. In which city have vacuum-based sewer systems been installed for the first time?


10. PV Sindh won which medal at the Asia Badminton Championship?


11. In which state has the Shaili App been launched to prevent disease?


12. Which bank offers a digital ecosystem for small businesses?


13. SBI Cards has partnered with whom in order to promote digital transformation?


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