Science Quiz Questions -Science Quiz 3

Science Quiz Questions -Science Quiz 3

Science Quiz Questions – Quiz 3 – A novel approach for youngsters to learn about science is through a scientific quiz. Kids can quickly learn about a topic and test their knowledge by taking a quiz. Quizzes are another enjoyable approach for children to learn while having fun.

General Science Questions for All – Test your Knowledge of science with this Quiz.

1. The earth is covered with a blanket of air called………….


2. In which category do Snakes, Turtles, Lizards and Crocodiles belong?


3. The colour of the star is an indication of its ……….


4. Which planet is known as the ‘morning star’ as well as the ‘evening star’?


5. A deficiency of what causes the disease goiter?


6. What is the process that converts a solid into its vapors?


7. ………………. is a process by which toxins are eliminated through the human skin.


8. The process of transforming a larva into a butterfly is called….


9. What deficiency in the blood causes anemia?


10. Which planet has a ‘Red spot’ on its surface?



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